I spent some time this week tidying things up a bit; a lot of old content has finally been purged. I'm working on a project right now too - a fan patch for CLANNAD Steam edition.

I'll try my best to stick to the Summer 2024 estimate. I really, really wanted to have this ready in time for CLANNAD's 20th anniversary, but I'm not going to meet that deadline due to the sheer amount of tooling I am building to make this possible.

The software I provide is not code signed and this may lead to warnings in browsers like Google Chrome or popups from Windows Smartscreen. I have added a page explaining the problem and how to work around it. This is an issue that affects many smaller developers.

Here's the new page: My software is not code signed

I finally took the time to flesh out the github page for my windowsizer project and also add a page on this website for it. It's especially useful for playing older visual novels.

For more information check out - Old games on modern PCs: Window resizing tool

This domain has been around since July 2004. It is now old enough to drink. Here's to many more years!

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