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Freepascal for Raspberry Pi releases

(part of my Freepascal for Raspberry Pi category)

All downloads are direct downloads!

  • These are no nonsense downloads, hosted directly on my webserver
  • You can use tools like wget to download them to your Raspberry Pi
  • Packages are clean, built with a clean Raspberry Pi OS and using a clean workstation with up-to-date virus and malware scanners
  • I use these builds myself for my own projects
  • I try to maintain as close to 100% uptime as possible. However, if you rely on my builds for critical/production usage, please keep a local mirror of the version you currently use just in case you need to download it again and my webserver is temporarily unavailable.
  • I am not liable for any damages / issues / etc

Current release - freepascal v3.0.4 [2017/12/10]

Release candidates

None yet.

Previous releases

freepascal v3.0.4 rc1 [2017/11/19]

freepascal v3.0.2 [2017/11/19]


  • The source code package is provided if you want to compile the compiler yourself.
  • Source code for building the compiler was obtained by running:
svn export fpcbuild
cd fpcbuild

Help me maintain these builds!

If this helped you out, I'm happy it did. That's enough satisfaction for me. However if you'd like to donate towards my projects, website hosting fees and continuing this work, please see my donations page for instructions. Thank you.

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