I am a lone developer, an indie if you will. I make no money from the software I release, therefore I cannot afford a code signing certificate. My software is not signed with a code signing certificate.

When you download zip archives from my github projects or from this website, you may encounter a warning from your browser (especially if you use Chrome) saying that the download is suspicious. You can bypass this:

You may also have problems with Windows Smartscreen or Windows Defender:

To work around this, right click on the EXE file and open the Properties menu. Unblock the file as shown:

All of the projects provided for download on my website and from github have been compiled by me on a clean computer. I also use ESET NOD32 to keep my computers clean and free from malware/viruses. The archives I upload have also been scanned by ESET NOD32.

Note that I am not responsible if harm does come to your computer, you use my software at your own risk. However, I will never knowingly include malware or viruses in my software.

They are expensive and need to be renewed yearly. If I was selling software for profit, then sure I would invest in one to prove that my programs were compiled by me and have not been tampered with by a third party. Unfortunately this is not feasible for me.

All I can do is give you my assurance that I do everything I can to ensure the software I supply is safe to use.

This is a widespread problem in the software industry for individuals like myself that want to release software for free for you to use. Larger open source projects (e.g. VLC media player) do receive funding and can afford code signing certificates so you may not have been familiar with this problem until now.

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