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Please bear with me while I recreate important pages such as my console modifications and add them to this new website.


2018-02-03: windowsizer tool released

I developed a tool for launching a Windows program and resizing the window against the wishes of the program. This is particularly useful for playing games like Jazz Jackrabbit 2 in a window size other than the default size, such as a window twice as big as usual. Some old games don't let you alter the window size nicely.

You can find it on Github:

Of course, it is developed to compile with freepascal or delphi - you can find binaries on the releases page on Github, although compiling it yourself is as simple as installing freepascal and running the batch file (another reason I like freepascal, the toolchain is very easy to setup and use).

I hope it is useful to someone. I'll be posting about this on the GOG forums sometime soon. It makes Jazz Jackrabbit 2 much more enjoyable!

2017-12-10: freepascal v3.0.4 for Raspberry Pi released

I have released a build of freepascal v3.0.4 for the Raspberry Pi. You can get it over on my freepascal releases page.

From the Freepascal website: “This version is a point update to 3.0 and contains bugfixes and updates packages, some of which are high priority.”

Please see the changelog:

2017-12-09: Cryptocurrency donations to support my work

I have setup a page with instructions for donating cryptocurrency to support my work directly (which includes the content on my YouTube channel; YouTube pay me almost nothing!). I appreciate any donations. If you don't want to donate but just find my content enjoyable, I'm equally happy. If you would like to help me out, please check out my donations page. I am eternally grateful.

In other news, freepascal v3.0.4 is now “blessed” and out of release candidate status; I'll produce builds for the Raspberry Pi series of SBCs in the coming 1-2 weeks.

In other other news, I'm still waiting for parts for some projects, and need the funds for them (I'm sorting it out). Please wait a little longer for more projects. Thank you.

2017-11-19: freepascal for Raspberry Pi builds

I have uploaded a working installer for freepascal v3.0.2 for Raspberry Pi. I really enjoy using freepascal but the packages for Raspbian are often hideously out of date, and official packages are not released other than those for Raspbian. I have decided to maintain my own builds, that come with a working installer.

If you want to use freepascal on the Raspberry Pi, please check out my Freepascal for Raspberry Pi page.

2017-10-25: Waiting for parts!

I have received the processors and most of the support components I require for my single board computer. Soon I will place an order with an electronics supplier for the other parts I require for the SBC (such as RAM / flash memory) and my redesigned weather station. Weather station you say? Yep, I had an outdoor weather station running since February 2017 transmitting data to be logged on my home automation controller, and displayed on a terminal. I decommissioned it roughly a month ago due to deficiencies in the design and water ingress. I will be building a new version soon. Home automation? Coming to a video series soon, with pages!

2017-09-30: Recovering old pages

I have started to recover some of the useful pages from my old website - for example the Megadrive console modifications. Unfortunately I am missing some images and files; please bear with me while I hunt them down. For the moment images are missing.

2017-09-29: New website launched

Welcome to the new look of my personal website. Unfortunately I had to dump the old website and replace it with this new one powered by the open source DokuWiki project. The old website ran on a custom CMS I designed and required an old version of sqlite to function, along with an outdated database access library. The work required to update it to run on a modern version of PHP with UTF-8 support proved to be not worth the effort; moving to dokuwiki will allow me to keep the site up-to-date with more information about my projects.

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