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Console hacking


Z80 single board computer
Home automation / weather station
Earthquake Early Warning terminal
PiStation (emulation machine)


Old games on modern PCs


Old games on modern PCs: Guides: PC games

(Part of my Old games on modern PCs series - click for more information).

I'll add games as I obtain them and have time to write up a guide.

What operating system / computer configuration?

Unless specified otherwise, these guides are designed for a computer of the following specification:

  • Operating system: Windows 10, 64-bit
  • CPU: Modern multi-core Intel or AMD
  • GPU: Only tested with nVidia 970 GTX, but should be applicable to almost all

Guides for MS-DOS games

  • [WIP] Doom (including Ultimate Doom, Doom 2)
  • [WIP] Heretic
  • [WIP] Hexen

Guides for Windows 95/98/XP games

It just means it is a work in progress; please check back soon.

Help me maintain this information!

If this helped you out, I'm happy it did. That's enough satisfaction for me. However if you'd like to donate towards my projects, website hosting fees and continuing this work, please see my donations page for instructions. Thank you.

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