Thank you for expressing interest in Collision 2022! All the information you need to get signed up has been compiled on this page for your convenience.

IMPORTANT: Please note that Doubles Tournaments are a little bit different so be sure to read that section of this page first if you are interested in joining our Mixed Doubles event.

1) Join the PuyoGB Discord

All participants must join the PuyoGB Discord. Join here: https://bitly.com/PuyoGB_Discord

2) Create a Challonge account

If you don't already have one, you need a Challonge account to participate. Visit Challonge and click on Sign Up at the top right: https://challonge.com/

3) Visit the Event page and click on Register

Collision 2022 Event Page: https://challonge.com/events/Collision2022/

Click on Register

4) Select the tournaments you want to participate in

Select as many tournaments as you'd like! All are open worldwide and are free - ZERO entry fees!

5) Confirm your information

To finish off, you need to confirm your information and click on Submit / Proceed to Payment.

NOTE: Tournaments are free, but Challonge will always show a payment screen

These are a little bit different. We only have one doubles tournament so far - Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 - Mixed Doubles (Switch).

1) Pick a team mate

Take a look in #find-partners to find a team mate. Make a post in that channel if you don't see anyone waiting to pair up. Make sure you both have a challonge account before continuing.

2) Decide on your team name and who will be the TEAM LEADER

Only one of you should create the team. Decide on your team name together, and then nominate one of you to be the TEAM LEADER to create the team on challonge.

The TEAM LEADER will proceed with Step 3 to register, the TEAM MEMBER should move ahead to Step 6

3) TEAM LEADER: Register for Mixed Doubles

Only the TEAM LEADER needs to register for the event!

First, check the earlier part of the guide for signup instructions. Get to the screen where you can select our Mixed Doubles tournament:

Select the Mixed Doubles event and click Next to proceed to the confirmation.

If asked to, click Proceed to Payment (don't worry, it's free!)


4) TEAM LEADER: Create your team

Scroll down to the bottom of the Order review screen until you see this box, which allows you to join a team or register a team.

Click on Register a new team and enter a fancy team name, then click on OK.

After confirming, scroll down the order review screen again and confirm registration of your new team.

5) TEAM LEADER: Invite your team mate

First open the event page: https://challonge.com/events/Collision2022

At the top right click on your name to open the menu, navigate down to Teams and select the team you created.

Click on the Members tab and under Add a new member enter your team mates Challonge name, then click Save to invite them to the team.

Your team member should then follow step 6 to continue.

6) TEAM MEMBER: Join the team

Check your emails for an invite from Challonge to join the team that your leader created.

Open the email and click on the link to open the invitation.

Click the green checkmark to accept the invitation. You are in!

No problem!

1) Visit the Collision 2022 event page to edit your order

Collision 2022 Event Page: https://challonge.com/events/Collision2022/

Click on Edit Order

2) Proceed to Join Other Tournaments

At the top right, click on Join Other Tournaments

3) Select the tournaments you want to sign up to

Select as many tournaments as you'd like! All are open worldwide and are free - ZERO entry fees!

4) To finish off, click on Submit

You'll need to Submit the screen that shows your details to confirm your entry. Done!

Please chat to the staff in the #collision-chat channel in the PuyoGB Discord. You can ping the @Collision Staff role to ask for help.

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