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Console hacking


Z80 single board computer
Home automation / weather station
Earthquake Early Warning terminal
PiStation (emulation machine)


Old games on modern PCs


I do everything in my spare time, and currently maintain several things that may be of use to others:

  • My Freepascal builds for the Raspberry Pi series of single board computers
  • A YouTube channel featuring experiments, reviews and some educational material
  • This website, which I will expand with more information and guides as time goes by

I don't make money via advertising on this website. I do have adsense enabled on my YouTube account, but I rarely get a payment from YouTube at the moment.

I have decided to accept donations of cryptocurrency to support my work. By donating, you will be directly supporting projects and further content on this website and my YouTube channel.

Things I need for further projects

This is in rough list of priority.

  • More storage for my microserver, to hold video content primarily. I'm running out of disk space rapidly.
  • Electronic components for some more expensive projects involving radio and FPGAs
  • An oscilloscope of my own (currently I am borrowing a Rigol unit from Rigol themselves that I need to return shortly)
  • A proper, temperature controlled soldering iron
  • Server hosting fees, especially as I am starting to host downloads for projects

How to donate

I appreciate every donation, no matter how small. And even if you can't donate but simply enjoy the content on this website, that's fine too! You can also support me by watching my Youtube videos with adblock disabled, if you wish.

However if you'd like to donate some cryptocurrency, I would really appreciate it. You can do this anonymously, or for the supported platforms you can include a small message with your donation if you'd like a shoutout on this page.

If the crypto currency you'd like to donate with is not listed and you don't want to convert your currency to one I currently accept, please click here to get in touch and I'll setup a wallet for it.

Why cryptocurrency and not patreon?

I consider cryptocurrency fairer and simpler than using patreon:

  • Patreon started to charge donators fees, where previously they did not. This is in my opinion, awful and unfair. See a video by Dave Jones from EEVBlog about this:
  • No currency conversion fees
  • Patreon has either monthly payments, or “pay every video” and this is a problem:
    • What if you don't like the video I release?
    • What if instead of videos, I created a large project on this website that was of interest that you wanted to support?
    • This also means I don't feel “in debt” to produce something, which would probably put me under stress and cause me to put out lower quality videos and projects in the long term.
    • It also means no one else has any obligation to pay monthly or pay when I release a video.
    • You donate if you want to, when you want to, how much you want to. Much better than patreon.
  • Anonymous donation, if you prefer that

Why not PayPal?

I live in Japan. Foreign residents are discriminated against by banks when trying to obtain anything other than the most basic financial services unless you have lived here for a long time - and even then discrimination is still high. I am currently unable to get a credit card or a real debit card; I'm stuck with an ATM/cash machine card only that does not work online.

This also means I am unable to create a PayPal account that will accept deposits. If you wanted to donate via PayPal and can't do so via cryptocurrency, I appreciate the kind thought but I cannot accept your donation at this moment due to personal circumstances.

You're lying. How do you order anything?

Cash-On-Delivery. It's big in Japan, probably because the banks here suck and many people are in the same situation as me. My favourite large PC retailer do Cash-On-Delivery, so does Amazon Japan - and many other places. That's just how it is here.

How do you pay for your web hosting then?

By begging a friend to allow me to borrow their credit card temporarily to top up funds on my server provider (thankfully they allow prepayment), and pay them back immediately with cash. It sucks. NO, I can NOT do this for large purchases, only my web hosting!


Please be careful to use the entire wallet address, my current theme wraps it onto 2 lines. I'll fix that eventually.


Why no Bitcoin?

While I would be eternally grateful to receive donations in bitcoin, I don't think that would actually happen - it is currently an extremely good cryptocurrency to hold onto as an investment. Therefore I have not yet setup a local bitcoin wallet (the blockchain is rather large, so there is no point in me setting up a local wallet unless I actually am likely to get some bitcoin).

If you would like to send me bitcoin, please do get in touch and I'll setup a wallet.

Donations received and shoutouts

None yet. I'm grateful that you just enjoy my content however :) Thank you

After donating, feel free to shoot me an email if you want to be added to this list.

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